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Introducing Flora

The FLORA Pendant is an homage to the goddess of plants and flowers. With its undulating ripples and delicate soft layered opal white diffusers, this hand-blown glass organic pendant casts a calming gentle warm light. Inspired by the natural elegance of flowers, Flora features delicate petals that curve gently, creating a graceful and organic shape. The glass is hand blown to create unique and one-of-a-kind forms that reflects and refracts light in a mesmerizing way.

Utilizing the inherent movement of molten glass, no two pendants are the same and offer unlimited possibilities with their composition and arrangement.

Winner in Artisan Glass Blown Lighting



Illuminated Sculptural Glass



Soffi creates sculptural lighting with the focus on fine metalwork and hand blown glass. Each fixture is made by hand by a crew of skilled craftspeople and designers in our Windsor, Canada studio. Like interior jewellery, our goal is to bring artwork to the realm of daily life.


From custom lighting fabrication to bespoke arrangements from our product line, Soffi blends a seamless fusion of design + fabrication, creating a truly unique lighting experience.

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The word Soffi comes from the Italian glassblowing tool, Soffietta, and is derived from the Italian verb soffiare, which means to blow or puff. The name Soffi embodies the very soul of the glass blowing process—the breath of the craftsperson. It is this human touch that goes into everything we produce.

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Sculptural Lighting

from Concept to Finished Product.

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