Meet Soffi.

For almost 15 years, by way of our internationally acclaimed decorative glass firm, Tsunami Glassworks, we have delivered the world’s best interior designers and architects unique, luxurious, contemporary glass sculpture and décor.

Taking our extensive experience in metal and glass design and fabrication, Soffi was born to provide our clientele with spectacular, bespoke lighting.

Located in Windsor, Ontario, where all designs and products are proudly Canadian.

What’s in a Name?

The word Soffi comes from the Italian glassblowing tool, Soffietta, and is derived from the Italian verb soffiare, which means to blow or puff. The name Soffi embodies the very soul of the glass blowing process—the breath of the craftsperson. It is this human touch that goes into everything we produce.

The reason why we leapt into the bright world of lighting:

Reason #1: The Right Fit.

Glass, hand-blown or not, just looks that much better with light – natural or artificial.

Reason #2: To Marry Beauty and Function.

We were thrilled that our decorative glass accessories continue to find homes in the world’s most architecturally stunning interiors. However, not always being able to ensure the lighting was just right to show off the true beauty of our glasswork, we brought the light to our pieces.

Reason #3: The Passion for Bringing Art to Daily Life.

We’re passionate about design and we’re passionate about glass as a material and we can’t hide it!

We knew our talented team of designers, engineers, and gaffers could deliver unique sculptural statement lighting. And so we did.

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