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Our Projects

From custom design and fabrication to bespoke arrangements from our product line.

Our team is dedicated to the art of lighting design and fabrication, ensuring that each piece we create is a true work of art. We understand that lighting is more than just a practical necessity—it’s an opportunity to enhance the ambiance and style of any room. That’s why we take great pride in offering a range of bespoke options to suit your individual taste and requirements.

Our project page showcases a seamless fusion of custom design, fabrication, and an array of bespoke arrangements, allowing you to create a truly unique lighting experience.

We understand that lighting is an essential element in setting the mood and transforming a space. With our expertise in custom design and with incorporating elements from our product line, we are here to illuminate your world with unparalleled beauty and style. Let us inspire you to redefine your lighting experience.




Old Tecumseh, Alabaster Soft Sphere

St. Francis Pearl

St. Francis Soft Sphere

Dresden Cloud Chandelier

Russel Woods Drape Chandelier

M Project

8 Cumberland Chandelier

Code Condo Crystal Chandelier

M Residence Crystal Chandelier

Port Rowan, Droplet II

Walkerville Residence Pearl

Essex 46 Residence

Riverside Drive Drape Chandelier

M Residence 3 Arm Balance III

Monty Domo Chandelier and Kitchen Pendants

Central Domo Pendants + Aurora Trio

Caille Ave. Flora Chandelier

J Residence Balance III Foyer Fixture

M Residence Glos Pendants

Family Respite House

Presotea LaSalle

blown glass cloud installation

Cloud Installation, Phillip Fernandes Design boardroom

Presotea Sarnia

St. Marks, Strata

Master Bedside Pendants

Jackson Residence

Domo Globe 3 Art Flush Mount

Caille Ave. Residence

M Residence Kitchen Island

M Residence Domo Globe Foyer Chandelier

S Residence Domo Globe

Axis, Big Blue

Soft Sphere

Globe Chandelier and Pendants

Red Strand Chandelier

Aurora Globe Pair, Master Bath Pendant Light

Branch Chandelier

Naples Drape Chandelier, Grand Foyer

Maple Leaves Installation

Bond Residence

Palms Casino, Camden Lounge

Droplet Chandelier

Thermo Energy Conference Room

Droplet Chandelier, Thetford Mines Convention Center

The Strand, Grand Stair Chandelier

Short Stories Bar

Array Pendants

pearl chandelier

Pearl Chandelier

Koval Project

Studio Chandelier

Jade Lobby

Soffi Jones Pendants and Chandelier

Big Red Chandelier and Pendants

Soffi Maple Grove Kitchen Wine Room

Maple Grove Wine Room

Soffi bubble tea

Bubble Tea

Sher Club Private Lounge

Sher Club Private Lounge

Sher Club Main Lounge

Sher Club Main Lounge

Mineral Springs Grand Stair

Soffi Mineral Springs Bar Chandelier

Mineral Springs Bar

Adorn in Glass Cylinder C, Stair Chandelier

Maple Grove Master Bedroom and Sitting Area

Maple Grove Master Bedroom and Sitting Area

Soffi Maple Grove Bar Chandelier

Maple Grove Bar

Ensuite Pendants

Star Branch

Soffi Chorus Quay Boardroom Chandelier

Chorus Quay

Aurora Globe Chandelier

Soft Cylinder Pendants

Soffi Yorkville Condo Lobby

Yorkville Lobby

Bottiglia Cucina Enoteca

Soffi Naples Foyer Crystal Ring

Naples Ring Chandelier

Soffi Mineral Springs Master Ensuite

Mineral Springs Master Ensuite

Soffi Mineral Springs Kitchen

Mineral Springs Kitchen

Soffi Mineral Springs Great Room

Mineral Springs Great Room

Soffi Mineral Springs Dressing Room Chandelier

Mineral Springs Dressing Room

Soffi Maple Grove Kitchen Pendants

Maple Grove Kitchen

Soffi Maple Grove Great Room Fixture

Maple Grove Great Room

Soffi Maple Grove Foyer Fixture

Maple Grove Foyer

Soffi Maple Grove Ensuite fixture

Maple Grove Ensuite

Soffi Maple Crystal and Bronze Chandelier

Maple Grove Dining Room

Soffi Dining Room Chandelier


Soffi Muzzo Dining Room Chandeliers

Private Residence, Dining Room

Petiot Residence

Soffi Sperber Stairs

Sperber Stair, Globe Chandelier

Soffi -STK Steakhouse Atlanta

STK Steakhouse

Tier Chandelier

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